What's included in the teeth whitening kit?

  • 1 x Powerful 5 LED Light – This activates the whitening gel and helps speed the whitening process.
  • 3 x 3ml Whitening Gel – Between 12-16 treatments
  • 2 x Mouldable Mouth Trays – For both top and bottom teeth
  • 1 x Tooth Colour Chart – So you can follow your progress from start to white!
  • Illustrated Instructions – a full list of easy to follow instructions to make the experience a breeze!

What is your product made of?

We only use the highest quality, dental grade teeth whitening formula available which produces amazing results each and every time. The teeth whitening gel consists of dentist grade 18% carbamide peroxide which becomes activated with the LED light, and begins the whitening process.

Is it safe?

100% – Just follow the instructions!

How do I use my kit?

Check out our simple 6-step guide HERE!

Can I get rid of stains caused by smoking or drinking coffee?

YES!!! We don’t want you guys to have to stop drinking coffee, eating those yummy treats or quit smoking to have a glowing smile. Our specially developed formula was created with lifestyle habits in mind. All we ask is to wait at least 10-12 hours before drinking coffee or smoking, then you’re good to go.

So, how does it work?

This is where the magic happens! As the carbomide peroxide is activated by the LED lights, it breaks down and passes through the enamel of your teeth, it reacts with the stains and discolouration on your teeth and alters their chemical structure whilst removing discolouration.

When will I see results?

Results should be visible within the first week of use. To see the best results, we suggest 5 uses over two weeks.

Can I use the teeth whitening kit during pregnancy?

Unfortunately, we do not recommend the use of our teeth whitening kits during pregnancy.

How is White Diamond Teeth different to other brands?

At White Diamond, we are solely for our clients.

We want each and everyone of you to receive the results you expect when purchasing a teeth whitening kit. This is the exact reason why we have chosen to use the best quality carbomide peroxide on the market.

Also, we offer 2 x completely customisable teeth trays as we believe it is important to whiten the WHOLE tooth, and not just the front of the tooth.

It’s details like these that matter to us.

I'm soooo glad I've finally found a teeth whitening product that actually works. And love that the teeth moulds whiten my whole teeth!


Could not be any happier with this kit. Seeing results after my second use literally blew my mind!


Love love love! Absolutely the best teeth whitener I've used!